ZOOM Meeting
TOPIC: 9 Types of Italian Military Records and Where to Find Them by Ann Tatangelo
WHEN: 21-October-2023, Saturday
           1o:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PDT)
             7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Italy Time)
History of the military in Italy is complex due to the fact that Italy wasn’t even a country until 1860 And was dominated by several foreign nations until Garibaldi led his army to victory and the Unification of the country (well, most of it) in 1860. 
Since my personal research focus is south Italy I am going to concentrate on that for the history part. But the presentation will apply to the whole country.
I plan to cover Italy’s military history, it’s divisions, the Leva and other lists, the role of the military, service and discharge records and Military Tribunals.
I’m looking forward to meeting you all and hope there will be time for questions. 

Ann Tatangelo has had three different surnames and lived in three different countries. Born Ann Kenyon in Lancashire, England, she emigrated to Canada with her husband Geoff Livesey in 1967. After Geoff’s death in 1998, she met Vincenzo Tatangelo who introduced her to his home in the ‘wonderland’ or Paese della meraviglia of Sora, Italy where she fell in love with the culture, the food and the history.
Ann’s earliest experiences and adjustments to life in Italy, brought her face-to-face with Italian life, death and even the early days of a blossoming Italian pop star, which she recounted in her first book Annoying the Saints: Stories of MyLife in Italy. After permanently relocating to Italy, she soon began researching her husband’s family tree to keep busy and discovered a love and talent for sifting through genealogical records that evolved into Angel Research and Genealogical Services. Twenty years after founding Angel Research, Ann has compiled her insight into the various legal documents and genealogical hurdles of the area into two easy-to-read handbooks for the Provinces of Frosinone and Latina that will allow amateur genealogists from all over the world to connect their ancestors in Italy.

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