Let’s explore the world of Italian genealogy together, one person at a time.


Founder and Chair

...over the years we've had fieldtrips to museums, libraries, and even Roslyn's ethnic cemetery! I'm very proud that we have supported each other in our quest to find our Italian ancestors, sharing tips, resources, and celebrating successes.

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Please Donate

As many genealogists know, there are many talented and interesting speakers outside our Group. Unfortunately for us, these outside speakers typically require fees for their presentations (generally $75-$200). As our Group has no dues, we are dependent on webinar sponsors and talented IIG individuals for our meeting presentations. This page has been set up to provide information on making a tax-deductible donation toward securing professional speakers.
There are two ways to do this: 1) electronically from the EGS Special Interest Groups page OR  2) mailing a check payable to “Eastside Genealogical Society” with the notation “IIG donation” and sending it to Eastside Genealogical Society, PO Box 374, Bellevue, Washington 98009-0374.

PLEASE NOTE: The Paypal site can accept credit cards the same as most online sites; no Paypal account is needed. We also ask for a minimum donation of $5 as the Paypal utility charges IIG a small fee for each transaction.
Thank You very much for your support!

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